The types of trademarks are as follows:

  1. Fanciful Mark – Any trademark which has a coined word/term is termed a fanciful mark and is generally the most easily registrable mark. Ex: BATA.
  2. Arbitrary mark – A mark which is a commonly used word but does not have nexus to the goods/services for which it is used is called an arbitrary mark. Ex: Apple
  3. Suggestive marks – Mark which is merely suggestive of the goods/services, in a remote manner and also requires a certain bit of imagination on the part of the public to discern such nexus is a suggestive mark. Ex: Microsoft
  4. Descriptive Marks – A descriptive mark is a mark which describes some characteristic(s) of the goods/services in question. The descriptive element could be quality, quantity, kind etc. Ex: Clean-Plus for Detergents
  5. Genericised Marks – These are marks which were exclusive trademarks and became publici juris(generic) with passage of time. Ex: Xerox

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