Within one month of receiving the Affidavit and evidence under Rule 46 or of the letter intimating the waiver of right to file such Affidavit and evidence from the applicant, the opponent again has the option to adduce further evidence in support of the opposition in the form of an affidavit in reply, including exhibits, if any. The Rules provide for such an addition affidavit so as to achieve conclusiveness in the opposition proceedings and so as to allow the opponent to rebut the evidence produced by applicant.

In any case, if the documents submitted during the course of the opposition proceedings is in a language other than Hindi or English, an attested translation thereof in Hindi or English would have to be submitted before the registrar and a copy thereof to the other party.

After the opponent submits the reply affidavit, no further evidence shall be left on either side, however, the registrar may at any time allow the applicant or the opponent to provide any evidence if he deems fit. Alternatively, the opposition shall proceed towards hearing.