We offer a wide range of Intellectual Property services across the globe, through our expert inside global network that can be leveraged at will.

We provide end-to-end patent services that include but not limited to patent search services, preparing and filing patent applications (including PCT national phase patent applications), active prosecution and close monitoring of pending patent applications that includes reporting and preparing responses to official action, handling of pre-grant and post-grant opposition, appeals and strategizing amendment of claims for maximizing impact, attending hearings whenever required, recordal of changes, tracking the application from filing to grant and maintenance of patents by docketing and renewal/annuities services.

Our team consists of patent agents and attorneys, who have in-depth understanding of the intrinsic values of patent as well as the experience of successfully handling patents of our domestic and International clients.

We provide a wide range of trademark filing, prosecution and litigation services to our domestic and international clients. Our preparation and prosecution services include but are not limited to performing trademark availability searches and opinion on the registration of the same; preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign trademark applications; reporting and responding to official actions from the respective intellectual property offices; Conducting opposition proceedings to defend or oppose the grant of trademarks registrations; initiating and defending infringement and passing off actions; drafting of license, assignment agreements; prosecuting appeals and rectification/cancellation actions before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board; maintenance of trademark registrations by docketing and renewals, recordal of changes in registrations such as name changes, assignments etc. and trademark watching services. Also we review each of our client’s trademark portfolios, big or small, to formulate a practical, pro-active, and affordable trademark protection and enforcement strategies before they get stuck in the long drawn and costly judicial process.

Our team consisting of aggressive and efficient attorneys with accurate legal and business acumen coupled with technical knowledge enables us to achieve positive results for our clients.

Not all products are same. Some are design centric and some utility centric. If you are a design centric business creating sleek looking innovative products, you must register your design even before your product hits the market. This is important because, you cannot file for it, after your product has been launched in public domain. While protecting your design is of absolute importance, equally important it is to find, if someone else has filed protection for the same design before you and if so, help you in establishing ownership for yours.

Copyright law covers a varied range of creative works from source codes of software to architectural blueprints. We assist our clients with the registration and protection of all their creative works. We assist clients in contesting and defending claims of copyright infringement on “works made for hire”, among other numerous issues.

We also advise clients and protect their rights regarding the acquisition, sale and licensing of copyrighted works. We advise clients on understanding and managing software license compliance issues.

The Internet undoubtedly plays a very important role in today’s global economy and domain names have become an identity of every business. But the Internet, like any development, comes with its share of problems. From domain squatters to typo squatters our services help clients navigate the vastness and jurisdictional uncertainties of cyber space.

We protect and defend our clients’ domain names against infringers and likewise enforce our clients’ trademark rights against domain piracy by filing complaints under the ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and with NIXI under .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP) and before the Indian Courts.

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance for thorough management of our client’s websites starting from choosing the right domain name, building the entire web page [legal issues regarding incorporating texts, music, images, using a particular software, etc.], to drafting Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, Privacy and Copyright Policies for the websites.

Any business thats grown to a respectable size will encounter legal complication of some kind in host of areas such as trademarks, contacts, copyrights and so on. You need some one to represent you in appropriate judicial forums. You need someone good and also fair in practice. You would be fortunate if you find partners who are cost-sensitive for you, so they don’t ask you to pay for multiple visits where just once would do. You also need to be sure that law firm you depend on, have a dependable network across relevant geography. Such a law firm can mobilize their network on demand and get things done faster and cheaper. We recognize and have built exactly that — solid network of professionals we can mobilize for anything you need.

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