Protecting your brand/trademark with the Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon started something called Amazon Brand Registry, an exclusive program designed for the sellers so that they can manage their brand, products,…


New initiatives from the copyright office for registration of copyrights in India

Digital technology is drastically changing our ways of life, whether it's home or office and the Copyright office is no exception to it. In its…

filing, licensing trademark application

Last Opportunity by the Indian Trademark Office to file Response to Examination Report not attended to

The Indian Trademark Office yet again released a default notice against several thousands of trademark applications that were examined before March…

law & court

Trademark Opposition proceeding in India

Opposition proceeding in India, though very long, is very interesting and fun. Before diving into the procedure of Opposition proceedingopposition…

filing a trademark as a word

Difference between filing a trademark as a word and as a logo

One of the primary questions that arise when a business/startup decides to protect their brand or trademark is – whether a business should protect…

family trademarks ownership

Ownership of family trademarks

Family trademarks are marks which are used by a person for his family business, where the trademark ownership lies with each member of the family.

patent automation ip india

Automation of generation and issuance of patent grant e-certificates in India

The generation of all patents granted post July 03, 2017 shall be automated and sent by email.