Protection of Hashtag Trademarks – #cautionwithtrademarks

When the use of the hashtag trademark suggests any sort of connection or link with the trademark owner or creates a likelihood or association with…

Statutory Licenses And Internet Broadcasting

In a recent judgement, the Bombay High Court had clarified an issue of copyright law that is likely to have an immediate impact on the rise in…


Groundless/Baseless legal threat of infringement of trademarks in India

The Indian Trademark Law grant exclusive rights to the trademark owner. The exclusivity here indicates that the trademark owner has the liberty to…


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family trademarks ownership

Ownership of family trademarks

Family trademarks are marks which are used by a person for his family business, where the trademark ownership lies with each member of the family.

toyota prius ip infringement case

The case of Toyota Prius & trans-border reputation

Toyota failed to establish the trans-border reputation of the mark PRIUS.