WEEKLY(IP)DATE-December 2019,Week 2

This week, Intellectual Property has seen an encouraging week which sees a lot of changes and developments within the IP arena and community to make the entire system more…

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The Bridge to India- The Guidelines bridging the gap

The Indian Patent Office (IPO) released the guidelines on November 29, 2019. These procedure guidelines mention the procedures that applicants need to follow while requesting for…

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-December 2019, Week 1

This week, the Intellectual Property News has been pro-innovation and development to ensure the smooth running of the system while at the same time keeping justice as the focal…

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The Bridge to India- The potential of the recent PPH agreement

With the announcement of the Bilateral Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Programme between the Indian Patent Office under the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks…

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-November 2019,Week 4

This week, Intellectual Property welcomes development and change in most fronts of the field. Let's see what it has up its sleeve. 

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-November 2019, Week 3

The Intellectual Property news this week has been quite interesting, with big names - companies and people alike, fighting battles to protect their Intellectual Property rights.…

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-November 2019,Week 2

'Justice and its adversaries' can be the tagline for this week's Intellectual Property news. Let's see what is brewing.

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE- November 2019, Week 1

This week has seen news of positive nature which does seem to have a social appeal -giving society more faith in justice. Let's see whats unraveled. 

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE- October 2019, Week 4

This week has seen very novel and just happenings in the field of Intellectual Property. Let's unravel the news update.

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE- October 2019, Week 3

This week's Intellectual Property news highlights, the difference in the levels of sensitivity among Courts and companies alike, in terms of using and respecting Intellectual…

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