WEEKLY (IP)DATE- August 2019, Week 3

Intellectual Property has seen quite a few changes, the highlight being on big players losing to smaller ones. Lets see what's cooking

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There’s no such thing as a free lunch (or is there?)

Copyright is a unique animal among the various types of intellectual property. Usually, copyright vests in a work as soon as it is created, and registration of a copyright is not…

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WEEKLY (IP)DATE- August 2019, Week 2

There has been a lot of diversity and inventions that we have seen this week in the field of Intellectual Property which also gives an insight as to how its future is going to be.

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The rewards of the commons – the Creative Commons licenses

The word “copyright” is a legal term which has become entrenched in everyday conversation because of its ubiquity and widespread use. Copyleft, on the other hand, is a more…

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AI-nstine’s AI-dea?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is recognized as a study of giving computers abilities of the human mind. Often, it is understood as computer technology that allows something to be…

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Trademark Pulse pulses the Deceptively similar Pulser

The business was with respect to hard boiled candies and the trademark had gradually acquired popularity among the public since then. The candies under the tradename PULSE were…

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The battle of the ‘JABARDASTH’ vs ‘BAND BAJA BAARAAT’

On July 8, 2019 The Delhi High Court decided that a copyright infringement occurs when there is no ‘Originality’ under Section 13(3)(a) and Section 2(d) of the Copyright Act,…

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WEEKLY (IP)DATE- August 2019, Week 1

Intellectual Property has seen a lot of progress during the week in terms safeguarding the rights and exploring new avenues. Let's  check out what's been cooking.

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Delhi HC rules against E-Commerce Platforms

Recently, a batch of seven suits for injunction were filed in the Delhi High Court by Amway, Modicare, Oriflame against 1MG, Amazon, Flipkart and few other E-commerce entities for…

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WEEKLY (IP)DATE- July 2019, Week 4

There has been quite a few twists in judgments and acquisitions which has kept the IP community quite enthralled. Lets see what they were.

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