The Curious Case of ‘Legal Fakes’

A classic examples of legal fakes is the case of Supreme Italia, a company that has established its presence depending solely on the concept of legal fakes. The strategy that was…

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WEEKLY (IP)DATE – June, 2019 Week 3

The world of intellectual property has been buzzing with quite a lot of activity this week.

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Privacy Law in India – The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

Privacy (and particularly data privacy) has become a major talking point over the last few years. With the exponential growth in digitization of services and expanded surveillance…

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Adidas Losses Battle Over its Three-Stripe Trademark

The name Adidas is not new, and neither are its products. But in a major twist and what appears to be a blow, the European Court has ruled that the “three stripes” brand/trademark…

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Key Features of the GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most significant pieces of legislation in any sector that has been enacted in recent years. Since its…

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Privacy in the 21st Century- An Introduction to the GDPR

There has been a lot of discussion about privacy (particularly online privacy)  over the last couple of years, most of which has coincided with the rise of social media, improved…

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A Guide to registration of Copyrights- Cinematograph Films

Visual recording means “means the recording in any medium, by any method including the storing of it by any electronic means, of moving images or of the representations thereof,…

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Cybersquatting and Fraud – Delhi HC Grants Injunctive Relief to Colgate Palmolive

In a case of fraud, the High Court of Delhi has recently cracked down on unidentified persons who solicited money deposits in the garb of job interviews for a position in Colgate…

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India and the GDPR

As mentioned in our earlier article on the key features of the GDPR, one of the major changes brought in are the restrictions placed on exporting of personal data. Under the GDPR,…

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No Removal of Registered Mark for Non-Renewal Without Notice; Delhi HC Rules… Yet Again

Justice Midha, in his order dated May 28, 2019, reiterated the mandatory nature of Section 25(3) of the Trademarks Act, 1999. As we have noted before, the Registrar is obligated…

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