WEEKLY(IP)DATE – September 2019, Week 4

The Intellectual Property world has seen new developments which promises progress in IP policies and its rulings. Lets see what's laid out.

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Draft Model Guidelines on implementation of IPR policy for Academic Institutions

The Cell for IPR Promotion and Management, under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DIPP) floated a 23 page model guidelines booklet on the…

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-September 2019,Week 3

New reformations with a tinge of social responsibility has been the highlight of this week's Intellectual Property news. Lets see what's in store.

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The Trademark Office to the rescue; to rectify errors and issue fresh Trademark Registration Certificates.

Trademark holders can finally stop fretting over errors in their trademark registration certificates with the much-welcomed notice by the Indian Trademarks Office dated September…

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An Overview of Standard Essential Patents

Did you know that there is an entire system that dictates the quality and features of technological devices, which everyone in the industry has to follow? This is the world of…

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-September 2019,Week 2

This week has seen interesting Intellectual Property news which have are novel and very interesting. From Disney getting patents to incorporate scent into the rides at their theme…

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As Vistara Takes off –Legally

It is of common knowledge that planes fly by taking off, but sometimes they just have to take off in the other sense of the word! Rightfully!

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WEEKLY(IP)DATE-September 2019,Week 1

Among other changes, this week has seen innovations that will change the world and the field of Intellectual Property itself, making a lot of things easier. Let's see what has…

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Infringement & the Essential Feature of a Trademark

The importance of a Trademark and the benefits it confers on a business entity cannot in any manner be overlooked. A dispute arose between Max Healthcare Institute Limited and…

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WEEKLY (IP)DATE- August 2019, Week 4

The field of Intellectual Property has seen a diversity in cases this week. The judgement for the cases have also been different, setting a new precedent. Let's see what's in…

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