Guide on trademark registration, renewal and trademark opposition in Qatar

An application for registration of a trademark has to be filed before the trademark office in Qatar. If a foreign applicant is applying for registration, a local agent must apply…

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Understanding Domain Name Disputes and Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Domain names play a vital role in business as it has been used by the common public to identify the business. A dispute in relation to the domain name arises when any party…

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Groundless/Baseless legal threat of infringement of trademarks in India

The Indian Trademark Law grant exclusive rights to the trademark owner. The exclusivity here indicates that the trademark owner has the liberty to utilize his/her trademarks…

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All you need to know about trademark registration in the Maldives

Unlike most countries, the process to protect trademarks in the Maldives does not include the same rigmarole of filing, examination, and advertisement but is merely on the basis…

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MCA tightens the noose – Mandatory eKYC for all Directors with Form DIR-3 KYC

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recently notified that it would be conducting Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for all the Directors of all companies by linking it to a…

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Infringement of trademarks and its remedies in India

A trademark/service mark, is a word, name, symbol or device that is used in trade in respect of goods/services to indicate the source of the goods/services and to differentiate…

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Customs Recordal in India – Averting the cross-border movement of infringing goods

To record an IP right with the Customs, a right holder must submit an application in writing with the necessary documents and information.

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How to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) is medium through which sellers (who can also be businessmen, manufacturers or retailers) who are selling their products on Amazon get an opportunity…

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Intellectual Property Protection in Maldives

The Maldives has no legislation that has been enacted in terms of Intellectual Property Rights. To circumvent this, there is sufficient trademark protection that has been offered…

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How Toyota turned the table for Trans-Border Reputation in India

Trans-Border reputation is a concept that has been well founded in the Indian legal system since the landmark Whirlpool decision in 1996. This doctrine allows unregistered…

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