How to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) is medium through which sellers (who can also be businessmen, manufacturers or retailers) who are selling their products on Amazon get an opportunity…

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Intellectual Property Protection in Maldives

The Maldives has no legislation that has been enacted in terms of Intellectual Property Rights. To circumvent this, there is sufficient trademark protection that has been offered…

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How Toyota turned the table for Trans-Border Reputation in India

Trans-Border reputation is a concept that has been well founded in the Indian legal system since the landmark Whirlpool decision in 1996. This doctrine allows unregistered…

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Trademark Opposition proceeding in India

Opposition proceeding in India, though very long, is very interesting and fun. Before diving into the procedure of Opposition proceedingopposition proceeding, a quick run through…

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The case of Toyota Prius & trans-border reputation

Toyota failed to establish the trans-border reputation of the mark PRIUS.

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