In the present regimen of Trademark Rules 2017, an application for registration of a trademark can be filed in Form TM-A. The form TM-A could be found here. The application is divided into several segments. The major ones:

  1. Nature of the application – whether it is a standard mark, certification mark etc which we already dealt with here.
  2. Nature of the applicant – Individual/start-up/small enterprise/others
  3. Applicant details
  4. Details of Agent of the applicant, if any.
  5. Details of Trademark
  6. Class and description of goods/services
  7. Statement of use/proposed to be used
  8. Priority claim of any
  9. Verification and Signature.

As far as the official fee is concerned, it depends upon the nature of the organization, whether it is an individual/startup/small enterprise or company and whether the application is to be filed online or physically.

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