With the Government’s recent proactive steps in improving Intellectual Property protection with a focus on Startups through the  “STARTUP INDIA” drive, Selvam and Selvam is pleased to announce the appointment of the Managing Attorney, Raja Selvam, as a “Facilitator” under the “Scheme for Facilitating Start-Ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP).

As discussed in our previous blog, the IP Office in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Startup India (#StartupIndia) Action Plan, announced the Scheme for Facilitating Startups Intellectual Property Rights (SIPP), as an initiative to promote awareness and encourage intellectual property rights protection amongst Startups and one of the fundamental features of the Scheme was the empanelment of Facilitators who will be directly remunerated by the Central Government through the office of the CGPDTM.

As a facilitator, Selvam will now be providing the following services to eligible Start Ups on a pro bono basis:

  • General advisory on different intellectual property rights to Start-Ups;
  • Information on protecting and promoting IPRs to Start-Ups in other countries;
  • Assistance in filing and disposal of the IP applications related to patents, trademarks and design under relevant Acts at the national IP offices under the CGPDTM;
  • Drafting complete/ provisional specifications for inventions of Start-Ups;
  • Preparing and filing responses to examination reports and other queries, notices or letters by the IP office;
  • Appearing on behalf of Start-up at hearings as may be scheduled;
  • Contesting opposition, if any, by other parties; and
  • Ensuring final disposal of the IPR application.

Statutory Fees to be borne by the Start Ups: All eligible Start Ups can now have their entire IP portfolio handled by expertise Facilitators at zero professional fees. The cost of Statutory fees payable for each patent, trademark or design applied for in India or abroad shall be borne by the Start Up itself.

This Scheme shall in no way transfer, either wholly or partially, ownership rights on the IPR created to the Facilitator or the Government, and the Start Up shall have full rights on the IP generated.