Groundless/Baseless legal threat of infringement of trademarks in India

The Indian Trademark Law grant exclusive rights to the trademark owner. The exclusivity here indicates that the trademark owner has the liberty to…

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Customs Recordal in India – Averting the cross-border movement of infringing goods

To record an IP right with the Customs, a right holder must submit an application in writing with the necessary documents and information.

A brief analysis of the Annual Report 2016-17 of the Indian Intellectual Property Office

The Annual Report 2016-2017, released by the Office of the CGPDTM has provided a detailed report of the recent changes in India’s IP regime. This…


Acting in Dual Capacity- Barred by law?

As we all know, advocates and solicitors ought to obtain a power of attorney from their clients including non-resident clients, in order to…

Why Startups need to protect their Intellectual Property before disclosing it

your Start-up would revolve around your IP in one way or the other and managing and protecting the same might actually decide the ground for you.

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There is more to your liquor than you know

The liquor bottles are often so exquisitely designed that you would want to buy it just out of admiration for its design.

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Good Earth sues India Circus for passing-off their designs

The Delhi High Court recently granted an injunction against India Circus on a suit filed by Good Earth for passing-off of their designs, particularly…

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Delhi HC decodes the copyright and design conundrum

Intellectual property laws provide protection for some works under both copyright and design law. At the face of it, the law on this point seems…