In lines with the “E-Registration Certification” initiative of Trade Marks Office, the Controller of Patents and Designs recently issued a notice, whereby automating issuance of patent grant e-certificates with effect from July 03, 2017.

The notice states that the generation of all patents granted post July 03, 2017 shall be automated to the effect that once a patent is granted by the Controller, it shall be notified and transmitted to the applicant/patentee/authorised patent agents’ email address as available/updated with the Patent Office. Additionally, a copy of the patent grant e-certificate shall also be uploaded and be available online on the IP India official website.

Besides notifying the automation initiative, the notice also requests the Applicants/authorised patent agents to provide/update their valid email address in the e-filing portal of the Patent Office.

A simple yet decisive initiative

Kudos to Patent Office for going “all-techie” with the automation of generation and issuance of patent grant e-certificates. This initiative will ensure a transparent, effective and most importantly, an expeditious system of patent registration in India.

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