Following my earlier post, I am incredibly excited about the recent launch of yet some more forms being made available online. With this launch, the Trademarks Office has made a total of 57 forms available online.

We now have forms for requesting changes post-registration online which means we can request for recordal of name change, assignment, change of address for service, extension of time etc. While I have not used any of the recently launched forms online, I did experiment a little without actual filing.

For instance, I tried Form TM-24 (used for recording assignment by the assignee only). I find that the e-filing system works seamlessly and lets us update the contents such as name and address of the assignee. As to the documents required to be uploaded, the system requires “Annexure” and Power of Attorney. I am given to understand that Annexure could include an affidavit (of no pending litigation in terms of the assigned trademark), assignment documents, evidences, if any and the like.

I would love to hear from anyone who has actually used the system for these recently launched forms.

P.S.  As regards the issues discussed in my previous post, a few days after the online filing, I decided to check the E-Register and found the TM-10 and TM-12 to be a part of the online records. I took the opportunity to check the filing receipt section to see if the filing receipt was rectified, somehow. Guess what though? It had been.  I was pleasantly surprised.  All of this was done before I could meet the Trademark Officials to apprise them of these issues.