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The Selvam and Selvam blogging competition is open to students interested in trademarks and trademarks law.


Eligible students must be enrolled as either full- or part-time law students.
The article should be related to Indian trademark law or a matter that directly relates to or affects trademarks.
Eligible articles may include both original unpublished and published articles.
Published articles must have been first published no longer than six months prior to the deadline.
Article must be a product of the author’s original thought.
Articles may be co-authored.
Only one article per student may be submitted for consideration.

Formatting requirements:

The text of the article to be within 1500 to 2500 words including foot notes.
A4 double line spacing.
Times New Roman font.
MS Word or in PDF format.

Judging criteria:

Originality of subject and of thought.
Extent of research and scholarship.
Quality of writing.

Judging Process:

10 articles will be shortlisted and posted on our blog on March 10, 2013.
Two winners will be selected.
1. The panel will select the best written article and the author will be declared as the winner.
2. The second winner will be selected on the basis of the extent of reach that article receives on social media sites (twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) between March 10th and March 25th. The author of the article with the highest social ranking will be declared the winner.
To maintain transparency the screen shot of social ranking will be made public when the winner is announced.
The winners will be announced on March 30, 2013.


Prize for the best article selected by the Panel- Samsung Galaxy Y
Prize for the article ranked by social ranking- Sony Xperia Tipo

The deadline to apply and submit your article is February 28, 2013; 23.00 hrs IST.

Complete an application and submit your article at

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