Intellectual Property for Kids

In the recent past, the office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (hereinafter called “CGPDTM”) has been striving to make prosecution relating to Intellectual Property Rights user-friendly and transparent. But in a surprise move, the CGPDTM is now focussing on educating the younger generation about Intellectual Property!

The office of the CGPDTM has now introduced a new section “KIDS NOOK” in its website. The very first option on the left top corner of the IP website is Kids Nook. As the name suggests, the very object of KIDS NOOK appears to be to create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights among the younger generation. The Nook is divided into four parts, “Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Intellectual Property Rights – Creativity and Innovation.” Each concept has been elucidated using picture illustrations, to make them simple and at the same time interesting(no one would wish to see endless paragraphs I’m sure!).

As the name makes it abundantly clear, the section appears to be only for KIDS as the information provided is quite fundamental. But we certainly have to commend the intentions and efforts of the CGPDTM to enlighten even the younger generation about Intellectual Property, albeit I’m not sure if the general public get the same amount of efforts and consequently enlightenment as well!