Is the Make in India logo made by Americans, inspired in Switzerland?

The Make in India logo with the symbol of a lion with the cogs, was reportedly designed by the Indian subsidiary of a US Agency Weidon+Kennedy (W+K) [Anyone else see the irony]…

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Madrid Protocol vs National Applications for Trademarks in India – The problem of ‘use’

India became a member of the Madrid Protocol on July 8, 2013 and since then has received about 13768 applications designating India and has filed 155 applications under the Madrid…

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Kids nook by CGPDTM – Enlightenment about Intellectual Property for kids

In the recent past, the office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (hereinafter called "CGPDTM") has been striving to make prosecution relating to…

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Tag Lines – Catchy Yet Elusive As A Trademark?

Just as the image says, I would like to get to the point. But is certainly not that easy! One of the most interesting debatable matters, atleast as far as India is…

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Trademark Renewal – The Indian Scenario. Only A Single Chance?

As mentioned in my previous articles, the life of a trademark is ten years in India post which the mark requires to be renewed every ten years to keep the mark alive. Of course,…

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Trademark Infringement:U.S Cadbury Vs U.K Cadbury – Hershey’s not ready to melt!

Who does not love chocolates?But the British in America do not seem to be in for "any" chocolate; much to their dismay though.

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Usage Of Trademark In India – Literal or More To iT?

In my previous article about trademarks, one of the important pointers I had mentioned was about “use” of the mark. Considering that usage of trademark plays a pivotal role in…

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Planning to attend the 141st INTA annual meeting in Boston? Read on.

I originally wrote this post before the the 136th INTA annual meeting in Hong Kong (1st INTA annual meeting in Asia). Folks who have been attending the INTA meetings will agree as…

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Planning To do Trademark Registration? This Is For You!

Planning to file do trademark registration but would like to know more about it before taking the plunge? Here are a few pointers.

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Trademark Application Status “Opposed” – Explained

One of the important statuses in respect of a trademark, shown in the website of the Trademark Office is “opposed,” for the registration of the said mark becomes dependent on the…

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