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After a long wait, we have the names of the winners of the Blogging Competition. Congratulations are in order for:

1. Ishani Dash – Winner selected by the Panel for her article “Smelling Trademarks with a Scent of Humanity”. Ishani’s article was unanimously adjudged the best among equals for her effortless writing style, depth of research, choice of subject and general structuring of the article. We wish her success in all that she does and encourage her to keep writing.

2. Amit Sinha – Winner on the basis of extent of reach of the article on social media sites. Amit’s article, “Passing Off in India: Looping the Loop Holes”, is a well-written and researched account of the Law of Passing Off in India and the challenges that it faces. The article was chosen as the best amongst the top 10 entries based on the unique page views that it received as part of the social media ranking. A screen-shot depicting Amit’s article with the most number of unique page views can be seen here.

The reward:

Ishani wins herself a brand new Samsung Galaxy Y, while Amit is now the proud owner of a Sony Xperia Tipo.

Apart from this, both winners also have an opportunity to intern with us over the summer.

We’d also like to congratulate the authors of the articles that made it to the top 10. The entries that all of you sent in were sharp, crisp, novel in concept and most importantly original and well-researched. We encourage and invite all of you to continue writing and sharpen your skills even more.

While we appreciate the efforts that the participants took to ensure that their article comes out on top in the social media rankings, unfortunately some entries had to be disqualified due to the large number of complaints of spamming inboxes that we received from the administrators and users of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Its one thing to promote your article but what some of the participants did can definitely not be termed as ethical. In order to ensure transparency and legitimacy of the social media phase of the competition, the winner was declared on the basis of the most number of genuine hits that an article received.

Nevertheless, a huge shout-out for all the participants and the winners! Keep watching this space for details on another competition soon. We hope the participants go all out to show us their creativity and originality this time round as well.