We provide end-to-end patent services that include but not limited to patent search services, preparing and filing patent applications (including PCT national phase patent applications), active prosecution and close monitoring of pending patent applications that includes reporting and preparing responses to official action, handling of pre-grant and post-grant opposition, appeals and strategizing amendment of claims for maximizing impact, attending hearings whenever required, recordal of changes, tracking the application from filing to grant and maintenance of patents by docketing and renewal/annuities services.

Our team consists of patent agents and attorneys, who have in-depth understanding of the intrinsic values of patent as well as the experience of successfully handling patents of our domestic and International clients.

List of Services:

Prior Art Search (Novelty Search), also referred to as a Patentability Search, is done before filing a patent application. The purpose of conducting this search is to uncover the existing knowledge prior to the invention in hand, to check the status of the technology in reference to the development in a particular field, and to obtain relevant patent or patent applications that are parallel to the particular technology.

Our patentability search covers WIPO, EPO, US, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and several other patent office databases in foreign jurisdictions in addition to databases such as Thomson Innovation®, Aureka and Derwent World Patent Index®. We also search Non-Patent Literature, including related electronically available journals, web portals, directories, publications, technical literature, manuals, books, articles, and blogs.

Clearance Search identifies patents and patent publications that can be enforced by a third party. Product specification/Invention Disclosure is compared with the claim language of the patents to assist our clients in assessing the risk of potential infringement in a particular jurisdiction Legal status of the cited patents and patent publications are also provided that enables our client to take informed decisions.

We conduct searches to identify relevant prior art literature that might invalidate the patent under reference. Potential prior art information along with the bibliographic details are included in the invalidation search report. Each document identified from the most relevant prior art literature is mapped to the claims of the patent under reference. The patent under reference is further scanned for enablement issues, non-compliance to duty of disclosure etc, to ensure there is no wrongful grant of a patent.

We provide our clients with patent landscape studies to frame key conclusions for a new product development, strategic investment for the growth of the organization and planning for Research and Development. This is accomplished by exploring comprehensively through the patent databases, journals, and publications so as to give a precise and operational landscape of a specific technology. The study provides both the white spaces and high density areas of research and patents in a particular domain. Landscape study results are presented to clients in a collaborative databank with a user-friendly search interface. This helps our clients target their current research and align their future research activities.

We provide patent infringement analysis to decide whether a proposed product or invention infringes any patent in force. This helps in making a strategic business decision such as authorizing a Patent Invalidity Search on the patent in question for filing invalidity contention, to commence draft-around activities, or to consider licensing the technology in question.

Prior to conducting the search, we will work with you to establish the elements of the invention that should be considered for the Infringement Search. We will classify relevant patents and corresponding claims that appear to infringe upon our client’s invention which could indicate openings for licensing discussions.

Our state of the art searches reveals patents and technologies in a particular field and can provide a basis for making acute business decisions. The search discloses published papers, studies, and non-patent literature in a technology area, as well as patents and published patent applications around the world.

We provide our clients with patent competitive intelligence to appraise what is required for right action, without incurring any liability toward wilful infringement. We assist our clients in making legal and methodical collection and examination of information about the strengths, weaknesses, and future intentions of their competitors.

Our team of patent agents and IP attorneys have extensive experience in drafting of provisional and complete patent applications. We understand, analyse, interpret, confirm our understanding, and draft patent applications to perfection. We have a strong team of patent agents and technical members, who work under systematic internal processes to understand your invention and deliver quality patent drafts. Our patent drafting team can draft patent applications in various domains including, chemistry, biotech, pharmaceutical, software and mechanical engineering.

We provide end-to-end services that include preparing and filing patent applications (including PCT national phase patent applications), close monitoring of pending patent applications that include regular follow up with the patent office, preparing response to official action, strategizing amendments for maximizing protection, attending hearing before the examiner, handling pre-grant and post-grant opposition and appeals and tracking the application during examination till grant. Our team of patent agents and IP attorneys has in-depth understanding of the intrinsic values of patent as well as the experience of successfully handling patent filing & prosecution in India; and are fully acquainted with the legalities of patent prosecution procedures of different jurisdictions.

Our team of patent agents and IP attorneys have extensive experience in preparing complete response to the objections raised by the examiners of various patent offices. The response to the official action is prepared by an IP attorney and is passed through an internal quality check team, before we send to our clients. Our process-driven, measurable, and high-quality solution, executed by our team of IP attorneys enables our clients to manage costs without compromising the quality of their office action responses.

We offer our clients with customized patent watch services. We monitor patents constantly and provide updates at regular intervals to our clients. Our clients choose the domain of invention and the time period for alerts and accordingly, we provide focused updates on all published patent applications. The subscription can be customized to a specific range of content relevant to you, or you can specify a wider range of subjects for a broader view of affairs.

The USPTO has established a procedure known as Accelerated examination, which expedites the processing of the patent application. One of the major requirements for admissibility of patent application in this procedure is Pre-Examination Search Document. It is important to perform a comprehensive Prior Art Search among various available patent databases, and non-patent literatures. We assist our clients with the preparation of the Accelerated Examination Support Document (AESD) and Information Disclosure Statement that can be filed with the USPTO to avail the benefit of Accelerated Examination.

We offer customized Patent Portfolio Analysis services for our clients. As a part of patent portfolio analysis, patents are analysed to develop valuable insight helping in assessment of R&D scenario and forecasts of commercialization. It also helps in fully developing the patent assets by identifying new licensing opportunities and mitigating the risk of litigation.

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