Any business thats grown to a respectable size will encounter legal complication of some kind in host of areas such as trademarks, contacts, copyrights and so on. You need some one to represent you in appropriate judicial forums. You need someone good and also fair in practice. You would be fortunate if you find partners who are cost-sensitive for you, so they don’t ask you to pay for multiple visits where just once would do. You also need to be sure that law firm you depend on, have a dependable network across relevant geography. Such a law firm can mobilize their network on demand and get things done faster and cheaper. We recognize and have built exactly that — solid network of professionals we can mobilize for anything you need.

  • Infringement & Passing off
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Customs Recordal
  • Parallel Imports
  • Investigation

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