After much deliberation, differences in opinion, going back and forth on several entries, we have finally narrowed down the top 10 entries that make it to the “Social Media Selection” phase of the competition. The entries are in no particular order of preference. These are:

  1. Trademark Dilution: Yea or Nay
  2. Quality Control in trademark-the Indian perspective
  3. Smelling Trademarks with a Scent of Humanity
  4. The Story Mark
  5. Passing-Off in India: Looping the Loop Holes
  6. All Dolled Up
  7. Trademark and Internet: Domain name and dispute resolution
  8. Trademark series, concept and position in India
  9. Owning Your God – Trademark Protection for Deities
  10. Branding Neo India in Trademark Law

Congratulations to the participants who made it to the top 10. Another two weeks of anticipation and waiting, and we all (believe you me- we are as excited and anxious as any of you!) will know who has been chosen as the author of the best article by the net savy intellectuals of the virtual world.

We would also like to congratulate all those who participated and sent in their articles. As cliché as it sounds, the truth is there can only be one winner! Nonetheless, we appreciate the time and effort that all of you put in and wish you the very best in all your endeavours.

The basic purpose to conduct a competition like this was to help these scholars discover their writing skills that are not restricted to the general format of an out – an – out technical research paper. It was to help the students in realizing their writing skills as against their “drafting” skills and how best to put across their thoughts and opinions without sounding too technical.

The response that we got was over-whelming and in view of this, we would come up with another competition shortly. Watch this space regularly for more details.